Do’s and Don’ts During Real Estate Deal Yuma AZ

Do  make all regular monthly bill payments on time.

Do get all real estate documents requested to lender quickly.

Do have all deposits evidenced by a reliable source.  Ex: paystub, bill of sales receipt…

Do keep current employment status.

Do be prepared for inspection fees, or HOA transfer fees.

Do shop for good rates and coverage on home owners insurance. Ex. Plumbing, roofing riders

Don’t make new purchases on credit even delayed payment agreements.

Don’t apply for new credit ex.  Credit cards, vehicles loans, furniture stores.

Don’t default on IRS or Collection payment arrangements.

Don’t spend your down payment or closing costs saved for your escrow reserves.

Don’t get married during escrow without making necessary changes to your loan.

Don’t forget to change utilities into or out of your name at Close of escrow.

Do's and Don'ts in Real Estate by Flat fee broker Phoenix